Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Create positive momentum & improve performance results by 42%, While Living healthier and happier lives

  2. 2
    • How to ensure your list is rich with the best leveraged relationships possible

  3. 3
    • Getting laser focused

  4. 4
    • Build bulletproof relationships where price is no objection and they stay with you forever

  5. 5
    • Introduction

    • The Got-A-Minute Manager

    • Six Steps to Transform Your Company

    • Planning your Day

    • Prioritize and Organize

  6. 6
    • Welcome! Here's What You're Going to Learn Today

    • 7 Things You Forgot to Automate That Can Double Your Sales

    • How LeadPages Went From Zero to 40,000 Customers in 2.8 Years Without Hiring Salespeople

    • How to Do the Same Amount of Work in Half the Time

    • 6 Video Hacks that Create Leads On Demand

    • Case Study: The ONE Strategy that Increase Appointment Setting 5.5x and Sales Conversions by 38%

    • Secrets to Hiring Sales Superstars (Do this one wrong and watch it cost you on average $60,000)

    • How to Get Millions to See Your Marketing Messages

    • How You're Dropping 2/3rd's of Your Internet Leads on the Floor

    • Your Most Effective Sales Funnel

    • Don't Get Big, Get Rich: How to Avoide Dumb Tax

    • Using the Why Behind the Why to Close More Prospects, Increase Productivity, and Stay Motivated

    • The Dream 100: The Fastest, Least Expensive Way to Double Your Sales and Close Big Deals

    • 3 Proven Email Marketing Campaigns You Can 'Swipe and Deploy' In Your Own Business

    • Recap of Highlights: What Your Learned & How to Implement it Into Your Business NOW

  7. 7
    • How To Write Cold Email w/ Neville Medhora